March 09, 2009

Fashion [Turn To The Left]

I hate this time of the year; the shining sun deceives you into thinking that it's time to pull out the summer dresses and cut-off shorts, but the chill in the air makes you want to bundle up in blankets and hibernate until summer... but, but it's sunny and I wanna be summery!! And therein lies the paradox...
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For me, I love slouchy jumpers at the moment because they manage to give a stylish and yet easy going, sloppy image, which for me is what I look for in summer clothes (and yet there still super snuggley!) I'm trying to hunt down a slouchy grey one; anyone got any suggestions? Thin knit jumpers are also good too, warm but a little lighter than the wool-so-thick-you-feel-like-you're-in-your-own-private-sauna jumpers. I got an amaazing deal at Primark on Saturday; a plum coloured v-neck light knit sweater, 4% cashmere for only £3!! Granted, I had to search for about an hour to find it and it was literally the only jumper on the whole table that was in my size, but jeez what a bargain! I bought some white tights a few weeks ago and I think they will go nice with this new jumper, with a black Dirndl skirt for a cute Alice in Wonderland look, so remind me to stay away from wondering rabbits.

I think neon and muted colours are definitely the way to go this spring; the combination of the two looks really fresh and very fashion forwards in my opinion. I'll be scouring the rails for some cute highlighter-coloured tshirts to revive my lagging wardrobe. I'm still on the mission to find an adorable LBD for upcoming summer parties: short, possibly strapless, flowy skirt and structured bodice with something quirky about it - PLEASE, does anyone know any good shops for this?!

If you help, I'll be your friend for life



.{C.L.A.i.i.R.3}. said...

You speak the truth doll facezzz.. =]

Twiggy Mod said...


Thanks so much for letting me know about nylon I havnt a clue you've really helped me out :)

In return I have a present for you in my latest post.


Twiggy Mod said...

p.s i will help find not sure if im ont he correct wave length but will search x