March 09, 2009

Yeah, That Looked Like Work



No more textiles!
No more textiles! - by Ms M on

I am sooooooo glad that's over. Those were like the longest two weeks of my life!! I'm so glad that my life is my own again, it's no longer ruled my coursework! Luckily, I'm really good with deadlines but that also means that I'm the kinda person who will pull out all the stops to get something finished. Running up to the deadline of my textiles coursework, lets just say there were frequent late nights in front of the sewing machine, glugging diet coke to stay awake and watching old reruns of SATC for moral support. It's so tough to be a student...

The relief when I handed it in though was immense; I just sat there for about five minutes just going over in my head the fact that I will never have to do textiles coursework again: no more late nights in front of the sewing machine, no more mad rushes to Hobbycraft to buy more bias binding because I pissed my last reel all away, no more laborious risk assessments!! So, I just sat there with a smile on my face, nibbling away at my Weight Watchers toffee cookie (my sort of treat).

So now I'm just relaxing with my newest issue of Elle and looking forwards to making cookies with le boyfriend tomorrow. Breaths a sigh of relief


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drollgirl said...

you must be STOKED! congratulations!