February 19, 2009

En Vogue

So for those who don't know, every year Vogue has this big young writer's contest and this year Ms M has decided she is just about crazy enough to try to enter. The winning prize? One thousand pounds...and a months paid work experience for Vogue.

I know.

Pretty damn amazing.

Damn vogue competition...
Damn vogue competition... - by Ms M on Polyvore.com

But I'm going to need your help; I'm using an existing post and transforming it into a longer bit, so please could you tell me what you think - is it a good topic, what else I could include, maybe your memories of the 90's (just for funsies!!) and I'll post the finished article once I've written it and re-written it about half a million times.

And wish me luck!!


1 comment:

Bitter Pineapple said...

haha your tag for this post is genius! haha, but i read the '90s post and it was so cute. brought back mad memories. i don't know anything about writing but good luck in the contest!