February 02, 2009

How To...Relive The 90's

Is it just me, or did everything seemed better when you were a child? For example, takeaways meant instant happiness instead of binging and later agonising about pockets of cellulite that you swore weren't there before; a long term relationship back then meant going out with a boy for a whole a week after you danced with him at the school disco; and of course it was the decade of some of the greatest television (Sabrina the Teenage Witch anyone?!) Even my packed lunch was better a decade ago, so last Friday me and some friends decided to have a 90's lunch picnic; a feast of pickled onion Monster Munch, Cheesestrings, pink wafers, Dairylea stackables and more additives and E numbers than an FDA's ban list.

Although my 90's throwback lunch caused some serious hyperactivity and a hideous sugar crash mid afternoon (sugar withdrawal may be even worse than PMS), it got me thinking about other ways in which to bring the 90's back into your everyday life and ways in which to convince yourself that your childhood isn't quite over yet:

-Watch Clueless five times in a row whilst devouring a tub of anything Ben&Jerry's
-Seven syllables: Clarissa Explains It All - a young Melissa Joan Hart was responsible for some of my most crazy and creative outfits of my eight year old wardrobe
-Embrace the grunge look with flannel plaid shirts, ribbed thigh high socks, pinafore dresses and fill your Ipod with vintage Nirvanna, Smashing Pumpkins and a bit of Courtney Love (and feel free to add a little smeared red lipstick now that you're all grown up)
-Youtube vintage episodes of Are You Afraid Of The Dark
-Scour Claire's Accessories for cheap and cheerfully kitsch earrings, necklaces and rings (extra points if you find pink fluffy hairbands a` la Britney Spears circa Hit Me Baby)

Born In the 90's
Born In the 90's - by Ms M on Polyvore.com

Maybe its best to just skip over the whole Pokemon trend though...



Hayley said...

Ha ha.
I loved that!!
I agree with the pokemom thing.

beeeeeps!! said...

where did you find all of that lovely clothing!!!