February 15, 2009

How To...Make Valentine's Day Last All Year

Vday! - by Ms M on Polyvore.com

I love Valentine's day, ridiculously so! I celebrate it like a complete nerd; I make heart shaped cookies, add red food colouring to everything I cook, wear pink nails, blow my money on the sexiest lingerie and indulge myself in as many rom coms as my stomach can physically handle (there's only so many times you can watch Pretty Woman in a row)

But lots of people say that Valentines is a sham, created by Hallmark, that its stupid and childish; and to those people I say loud and clear "Get a life", but there is one thing that I do agree with - you shouldn't limit Valentines to just one day! Here are my tips on making Valentines day last all year round:

- You never ever need a reason to bake heart shaped cookies
- Ditto spending insane amounts of money in Ann Summers
- Loveheart sweets are the perfect silly little gift to let a partner or friend know that you're thinking about them
- Scour the Internet for ideas for perfect romantic dates
- Buy red roses...for yourself
- Pink fluffy handcuffs look great as a decorative feature hanging on a bedroom wall; sexy and tongue in cheek!
- Writing cute little love notes to boyfriends, friends, family,...strangers....
- Buy as much pink crap as you can: earrings, nail polishes, Post-its, folders, lipsticks, toothbrushes, highlighters, cupcakes, umbrellas, ANYTHING!
- Two words: Dirty. Dancing

So get romantic!




AudreyAllure said...

hope you had a great valentine's day!

Canadian Girl said...

i love that little red dress
and that pink bra...
happy vday Ms M

Bitter Pineapple said...

I love this list and the idea of making Valentine's Day a year-round thing. I actually hate it as a holiday, but I love all the red and pink and hearts and chocolate and flowers associated with it! I love your blog. =)

Bella said...

LOVE this... what is it about the color red!!!