January 01, 2009

Woop 2009!

Well, my New Year's was spent eating Chinese takeout avec le boyfriend and playing drinking games whilst watching Saw V (we had to drink every time there was a flashback, someone was injured or Jigsaw spoke in a sinister way...) Hope your plans were just as fun!

And for anyone who's interested, here are my resolutions!
- to be somewhat healthy
- to ace my A Levels
- to have enough money to furnish my kick ass apartment
- to start and KEEP a daily beauty regime (I'm so lazy that I will crash out in full makeup...forgive me Father for I have sinned)
- to stop impulse buying and start buying wardrobe pieces that I will actually wear
- to maintain and promote this ole blog
- to be happy :)

awwwwwwww, its good to have goals!

So tell me, what are your crazy plans for this new year?



Isatou said...

Hey. Thanks for following my blog ;) [Po├ęsy]

I see you're doing your A-Levels also; good luck with them ! What do you study?

My new years res's are also to ace my A-Levels, to work on that flat stomach, and to be more decisive.

Rachael. XX

Bella said...

Oh, I'm so terrible with resolutions... I only secretly make one that way if I break them... no one else is the wiser!


Happy 2009 baby!

mangopeachapple said...

I'm also terrible with New Years Resolutions but this year, I have a strange feeling that I'm actually going to follow mine!

Anyway, thanks for the comment. I agree with you about it being really hard to make nice basics. There are so many white t-shirts out there, but how many fits well, looks well and will never lose its shape?

Great blog btw :D

AudreyAllure said...

haha sweet.
i haven't set any resolutions for myself this new year's. but i intend to have a lot of fun and accomplish a lot! haha

and thanks for following my blog, i'm following yours too =]