December 30, 2008

How To...Be An AP Girl!

Miss AP by Ms M
Anyone somewhat familiar with this blog will know that I am absolutely head over heels in love with Agent Provocateur. The lingerie is so luxurious and extremely cheeky - it's the ultimate sexy/not trashy equation, and for that, I am completely obsessed (not to mention Daisy Lowe has front lined campaigns on more than one occasion)

But the most intriguing thing about AP are the AP girls; the characters behind the lingerie. Each collection has a story which are normally told through a mixture of artistic film footage and kitsch drawings (big breasted, pink lipped, pouting comic goddesses. The AP girls capture the classic Bridgette Bardot sex-kitteness; youthful, flirtacious, a somewhat innocence masking an inner burlesque star. So for all you wanting to inject a little magic and glamour into your lifes, here are my rules for becoming an AP girl!

- find the perfect shade of red lipstick, and wear it at all times
- take magnificent bubble baths everyday and then slather yourself in rich body lotion
- The Agent Provocateur website is your bible
- smudged, heavy eyeliner is your friend
- eat unusual, exotic foods and find new aphrodisiacs
- blow kisses at people wherever you go
- leave a cloud of perfume behind you
- indulge yourself by reading erotica at night, and Lolita during the day
- keep a list of your lovers under your pillow
- keep a pair of handcuffs beside your bed
- pretend to be helpless damsel in distress, but then end up saving the boy instead


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Lauren said...

I love this! ha, it's totally true. And Agent Provocateur is AMAZINGGG!

x x x