January 04, 2009

How To...Cope With Lady Things

I am currently writing this, bent over, pink fluffy water bottle on my tummy, five cushions to lean against and a huge bag of cheesy puffs in front of me. Gosh, I sure love periods (...)

Every month us ladies have to suffer (somewhat silently too - try telling a guy that you have period pains...most awkward) so I thought I would dedicate this post on how to make the time of the month a little more snuggley.

Here is my list of things to cheer you up when surfing the crimson wave
-investing in the fluffiest, brightest, most kitsch hot water bottle ever
-a big bar of Dairy Milk (it has been proven that chocolate eases period pains...as do bananas, but theyre not as fun)
-plenty of yoga to ease aches and pains, and a nice yoga mat to feel extra pampered
-a rich, majorly scented shower gel so you feel fresh all day long (Philosophy do some extremely cute ones, I'm in lust with their gingerbread range)
-get rid of huge, grey period pants and invest in some kitsch boy shorts (cute, but not dainty enough for any "accidents") - Primark normally do some great ones on the cheap

Time of the month :( by Ms M

Rejoice in all it means to be woman!



AudreyAllure said...

haha tips i should keep in mind ;) i was actually just thinking about this the other day when i was with my boyfriend lol.

Bella said...

hahaha... this is too cute for words!


SOS! said...

Yummmm philosophy shtuff..
xx-LJ from SOS!

TML <3 said...

Oh, yammy chocklate! The kokos looks good too!