January 06, 2009

[Don't] Let It Snow

I am officially BORED OF THE SNOW.

My inner eight year old is crying as I write this, but snow does not hold the same meaning for me as it used to. It used to mean snow ball fights, catching snowflakes with your tongue and laughing at my cat walk in the snow. But now? It means freezing my bum off at the train station, the fear of slipping over on the ice and not being able to wear any of my cute clothes because i am forced to wear "sensible" shoes (aka shoes actually with grip on the bottom) and bulky layers so I don't freeze to death.

So, in order to kill off my Scrooge-ness, I decided to shop around for some cute (and sensible) winter-appropriate clothes

This not only looks warm, it's also a killer 80's throwback (adore!)
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To help cure the case of the winter pasties
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This nubbly cardigan will look great with thick tights, a denim mini, a brightly coloured beret; whilst gentling nursing a giant steaming hot Starbucks latte

And this is a subtle hint to anyone wanting to run into my room at six in the morning, screaming "It's snowing!" Yes yes, it's beautiful and my inner eight year old is beside herself with glee, but my outer eighteen year old needs her beauty sleep..
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i dream a dream no one can see but me. indivuality! STRONG! said...

i love your blogs.

they are very entertaining

and interesting ..

i especially loved the one when you spoke about eating chocolate when girls are on their periods ..

that was classic!.. =]

i confess, i am a chocolate slore when that time of the month comes around..

*ps. isn't a fun word?

Bella said...

hahaha (scrooge-ness)... shopping definitely seems to be a cure-all!

I'm in dire need of a little (a lot) retail therapy.

AudreyAllure said...

haha i totally feel the same way about the snow. especially how in the city the snow turns white to dark gray in moments. isn't as pretty as i once remembered lol.

Twiggy Mod said...

Hey Lady

I lurve your blog its fab, and I think I may have to bring in yellow in the colour for my nails its one I havnt as yet.

Hope alls well xxx