January 11, 2009

End Of Those Mean Reds

So one exam done! I'd forgotten how stressful the whole exam process is - making sure all my pens worked, finding out where I was sitting, what my candidate number was, last minute cramming, trying to find a suitable exam outfit (unfortunately I opted to wear a cute, but slightly itchy embroidered black dress...bad move...), but I am oh so glad it's over!

And as promised, le boyfriend treated me to dinner and a movie so it was a very well-spent evening! I wore a cute little floral dress, grey cardigan, gold necklace and heavy eyeliner (very Daisy Lowe) We went to my favourite Mexican restaurant, where we talked, laughed and stuffed our faces and praised the quick service. Being a newly-turned 18 year old, I excitedly brought my I.D so that I could have my very first legal drink (buying a bottle of cherry Lambrini in the corner shop doesn't count...), but would you believe it, nobody asked for it! I swear, now that I'm eighteen I don't get I.D'ed for anything!! Grrr, oh well.

So, was a weekend well spent, and to all those currently revising and doing exams, I recommend lots of chocolate breaks


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i dream a dream no one can see but me. individuality! STRONG! said...

what a way to end a test day..

a dinner seems very suitable.