December 14, 2008

How To... Give That Special Someone A Gift On The Cheap!

I love getting into the Christmasy spirit of things, and have consequently spent the weekend eating chocolate coins (how impressively kitsch), making paper chains from torn up, ancient Elle magazines and watching the South Park Christmas specials. Aaah, its good to be festive!

One other thing that really gets me into the festive mood is coming up with a great idea of a present for someone. Me and my boyfriend have been going out together for over fifteen months, so we have an impressive vault of memories together - so why not make a soundtrack to our relationship?! From the song playing when we first met, to the songs we hated, ones we obsessed about, artists we saw in concert and even the theme song to the show we were watching when we first had sex (it was a season 1 Friends repeat on E4...) It's a cheap, easy, extremely thoughtful and cute gift to give this Christmas, especially when completed with album artwork (i.e. cute couple picture collage), so if you're stuck for ideas, head straight to the iTunes store...


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