December 16, 2008

Party Like A Mockstar

I always get excited when my friend asks me to go party with her because I never know quite where I will end up sleeping, what I will end up drinking or quite what will happen. And guess what? I just got the call.

It's great to have that friend who you will always have fun with - whether you're staying in having a SATC marathon (we were way too tired to go out) or dancing until three in the morning and then walking four hours to ASDA. It's that one friend who makes you feel like such a hardcore party animal, and the one who will drag you to the parties that will create the most Myspace-worthy photos.

It also means that I can pull things from the more trashier side of my wardrobe (not slutty; just messy, clumsy, thrown together outfits) and wear my nu-rave rosary and rip holes in my tights deliberately and wear way too much eyeliner. It's no fun going out if you're completely polished, when you're young you can pull off completely outrageous crazy shit. The best part? The more rough you look as the night goes on, the more super rock chic you look ("My eyeliner has run down my face? Oh, it's meant to look like square).

Aaaah, it's so great to be young!


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