December 04, 2008

Old Skool Like Opal Fruits

For the quadrillionth time today, someone told me to get Facebook. Barked it at me like some crazy order, and when I said no, they looked at me as though I had just killed a puppy (unnecessary imagery I know, but yeah, you get that the look I was given was less than amicable)

Why do people so insist on Facebook? I tried a Facebook account and I HATED it. Nothing about it appealed to me, it was not for me - the colours were dull, people I didn't even know added me because we had "friends in common" and the whole thing was just way too mind boggling. Now, this is not a rant at social networking sites because, lo and behold I am, and will always be, a Myspace whore. I love Myspace, it symbolises everything that is right with the world - friends, talking, photos...Tom.... So I don't quite know where my resentment Facebook stems from. People often tell me that Facebook is way superior, with all its whizzy gizzy little features, but for me, there will be room for only one social network site in my heart. Myspace.

I think it has something to do with the fact that the more popular Facebook becomes, the more kookish and kitsch Myspace becomes. Whenever I tell anyone that I have Myspace, I get the same squinty eye, screwed up face look; "Myspace?! Who has Myspace anymore?!!" But that just adds to its appeal. To me, Myspace is like having a typewriter when people are clicking away on their laptop keyboards. Its like carrying around a Pez dispenser when people are eating the latest Mars bar. Something about Myspace always seemed so terribly kitsch and individual, even the name appeals to me. Myspace. Whether it holds connotations of conversations with my year 11 crush or looking through photos of past parties, Myspace will always hold memories of my sweet teenage life

Plus Facebook is friggin hard to navigate, I'm a simple folk - sort it out Mr Facebook


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