December 06, 2008

Feels Like Kittens and Cuddles

One of the many things in this world make me feel accomplished: baking cookies that melt in your mouth, getting A's on my coursework and managing not to go over my £20 a month mobile phone budget; but the main thing is a good shopping trip. The feeling of truly getting your moneys worth and coming home with your shopping bags heaving with goodies...yuuuum - nothing quite like it.

Well, lucky for me, today's shopping trip just happened to be one of those times. Primark really came through for me. A gorgeous, smoky shade of grey, slightly baggy jumper (I love the slouchy, "I just stole this from my boyfriend's wardrobe" look) that fits perfectly which is a rare thing for mass produced garments. The kicker of this story? 100% cashmere. That's right folks. 100% cashmere jumper, only £20 from Primark. Yes, the same Primark that is home to cheap nylon dresses and an array of plain cotton tank tops. It's a real treat to find a good wardrobe treasure, but it's even better when you have to rummage and flick through rails of cheap black trousers to find it- make you really feel as though you earned it! The shop aside, tis oh-so-rare that one may find such a gem such as a cashmere jumper anywhere for the same price of a pizza takeout feast (and no lingering guilt in the morning) I was in my shopping element...

I also managed to pick up a very Audrey Hepburn-ish white striped, long sleeved top, some cute art-deco belts and some over-the-knee socks for the chilly months ahead. Oh Primark, how I love thee

And also some cute pale blue nail polish and some shower gel that's going to make me smell like a chocolate fudge brownies in the morning.


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