December 04, 2008

Discount Prada?

I'm an optimist, I like to dream and I am ever so slightly gullible, so when I read in a column in last month's Elle that a pair of Prada knickers were selling at TK Maxx (aka hell on earth) I was so happy that finally FINALLY I may actually own something designed by the sacred Miuccia Prada that I was more than happy to brave the crowds of that scary, scary shop.

So armed with my boyfriend (I needed someone to help me with the scarily violent discount shoppers...), my bargain hunting head and hope in my heart, we set off to TK Maxx.

As I said, I am an optimist... and that was my downfall. I found zilch. Not a blinking sausage. I looked for ages and found nothing but dirty white granny bras.

However, being an optimist, I will never stop trying until I have a pair of those Prada knickers, held high above my head like some sort of beautiful couture trophy.


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