December 06, 2008

Love Is In The Air

Today is turning out to be a good good good day indeed: not only was my shopping trip a complete success, I almost giggled like a little girl when I saw that Courtney Love was on the cover of this month's Elle. Courtney Love is like an angel to me; a dirty, smeared, bleached angel. Her baby doll dresses, her smeared red lipstick, her wild backcombed hair, her ripped black tights - her whole look just screams "you can look, but if you touch, I'll fucking have you!" Oh Courtney, you ferociously delicate rock-starlet.

The interview was so good as well; you can always count on Courtney never to shy away or do anything half arsed, so her answers were so raw and candid. The fact that it said that she bought gifts for everyone on the photo shoot melted my heart a bit, and that's not easy to do...

Dynamite issue of Elle, buy it if you can. There was a killer article about personal shoppers in the high street stores - aaaw an awesome career that would be! The only thing is that the girl was wearing a cute Thomas Burberry for Urban Outfitters dress that I saw on the Urban Outfitters website sale, fell in love with; only for it to be snapped up at the last minute. Every time I read that article now, my heart dies a little at what could have been


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