December 06, 2008

Get Lowe

daisy lowe <3 by Ms M
All throughout my teenage life, I have never considered myself to be a lesbian, but at the moment, I am actually in love with a Ms Daisy Lowe. Not only is she the sexy rock-star, English-rose type of hottie, but she is my complete style crush. From her ruffled full fringe to her wide range of Topshop dresses and her indie band t-shirts, I completely COVERT her wardrobe. Also, anyone who headlines Agent Provocateur is a goddess in my opinion.

So this season, I will be channelling my inner Lowe-ster by combining sexy ruffled hair with some Topshop PVC leggings, crumpled band t shirts, smudged eyeliner and a load of cute short vintage dresses.

I will also be dreaming of Lowe-approved Agent Provocateur undies.. Well, a girl can dream


1 comment:

mangopeachapple said...

Girl crush Girl crush! haha. I absolutely LOVEEE Daisy Lowe too ; she's so gorgeous.