December 30, 2008

How To...Makeover Your Style

Ms M 2009 Stylie by Ms M
One great way to try to revamp a tired wardrobe is to create a new image (mental or otherwise) of what you want your new look to be like.

You could do it the old fashion way - hoarding fashion magazines and getting happy with scissors, some glue and a big piece of A3 card, orrr

You can go onto Polyvore and create a virtual moodboard! Its as easy as creating an account and following the instructions. There are tons of already available images to use for your collage, or you could use the Polyvore toolbar to import images from your favourite shop's websites.

Its a great way to try to spot themes in your new look (I think mine would be eccentric, 80's partyy girl brat...), thus using it as a spring board for other pieces to look out for when shopping. It makes you aware of what stuff you like, instead of shopping on auto-pilot, and it's a great thing to print out and stick in your wardrobe for inspiration.

So in the spirit of the new year, become a Polyvore-ette and makeover your look today!



~Rachel~ said...

Ooh I'm going to do that... A makeover is what I need for the new year =]

ILOVEPINKcupcakess said...

omj same here thats part of my new years resolution.........i need a serious makeover

keighty. said...

i've been using some shitty 'paint' software on my computer to make those for like 3 years.
that made my life so much easier.