December 30, 2008

Coco Loco

I did it.

I am now the proud, delighted owner of...a Chanel compact.

It's so shiny, and delicate; I feel scared to touch it.

Do you think parents go through these same emotions with newborns?!

I have wanted one for oh-so long, so whilst hitting the sales yesterday I figured with the money I saved buying reduced items I could afford to splurge - brilliant money management, oui?

The saleswoman picked me out a gorgeous soft pink blush (perfect for a porcelain princess like myself), so its always good to get in with the saleswoman if you want a shade guaranteed to flatter. Also, most of the time they are bored out their minds and are more than happy to tell you the lowdown on what will work.

Not only is it a gorgeous makeup staple and one heck of a classic and sophisticated compact, I love the fact that I can buy into the mystique of the renowned house of Chanel without having to drop hundreds of thousands on a couture piece. Everytime I slip my new compact into my evening clutch or school bag, I'm carrying with me a piece of fashion history.

Also, the last blusher compact I have lasted me for about four years, so this is one piece you can justify the price - its an investment!


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ClementineSundress said...

love that! now i wish i had a Chanel compact!

awesome blog, btw.

mangopeachapple said...

Congrats :P
I really feel classy when I'm holding a Chanel compact haha.