December 22, 2008

How To... Avoid Growing Up

Due to the fact that yours truly is doing the big-girl adult thing and moving out in less than a year, with her boyfriend no less, growing up and being sensible is taking it's toll. I'm worrying about paying rent, how to cut down electricity bills, getting a decent part time job and wondering how the heck I'm going to fight the urge to splurge my rent money on a pair of cute Miu Miu shoes, or a Topshop spree or a life supply of jellybeans, or something.

In order to preserve my sanity, I have taken to frequently flicking through the Urban Outfitters home section, because their ranges of kitsch kitchen accessories, crazy gadgets and colourful nic nacs are cool enough to make me excited about moving on up, but without making me feel like a grown up - after all how can you consider yourself a serious adult when you have a Snoopy snow cone machine?



Anonymous said...

omg! i have a snoopy snow cone machine too!! lol ::guilty laugh::

Faith Hart said...

ahah if there is one thing everyone needs in this world, it is icey syrup treats!! And snoopy is a babe *blushes*

Stephanie said...

thank you! :)
is the snoopy snow cone machine from UO? i totally want one now (not being sarcastic at all!).
hope your boyfriend enjoys it :)

The Clothes Horse said...

They have such quirky great things on that site--Fred Flare too. Good luck on your first apartment.