December 28, 2008

Tickle My Pickle

Stuff that is currently rocking my world:

- Reading "A Piece of Cake" by Cupcake Brown and marking my page with my Cupcake bookmark. Obsessed, moi?!
- Watching Family Guy on DVD, who would have suspected that Meg aka Mila Kunis was such a hottie?
- Psyching myself up for sales shopping tomorrow, mama needs a new pair of jeans
- Marks&Spencer's vanilla cheesecake. Its really not just a cheesecake, its a humdinger of a cheesecake
- Thinking about what to replace my trusty Clinique blusher compact with, because it really is on its last legs - I'm thinking perhaps a cheeky little Chanel number...
- Changing my eyeshadow every five minutes with my new Urban Decay eyeshadow palette (I'm in love with Polyester Bride)
- Looking through my revision notes and feeling proud with how much I have accomplished
- My new blog layout - you likey?!


1 comment:

Bella said...

Ahhh, I love this post... you're too adorable for words!