December 22, 2008

Things That Make Me Happy

Because to be honest, I'm not ecstatic (aka holiday-revision-cram-time!)

So to cheer myself up, I decided to make a list of all the things that drag me out the deep dark gloomy pit of despair, enjoy!

- Being able to spend hours trawling through fancy dress superhero costumes and calling it work (I'm making a superhero costume for my textiles coursework, Batman - you rock my socks)
- The Christmas special Lindtt reindeers
- Having impromptu Scrabble matches with the parentals at night
- My collection of colourful Post-It notes that make revision just a tad more bearable
- Wondering what to buy with my Topshop gift vouchers (I'm thinking some jeans, my PVC leggings, some cute fuzzy jumpers and a ton of girly dresses...)
- Watching the Muppets Christmas Carol and drinking hot chocolate (with mini marsh mellow, natch)
- Thinking about what exactly I'm getting for Christmas
- Lots of tetris to unwind between revision sessions

De-stressing has never been so much fun!

And to everyone doing the whole Christmas/revision thing - it's a good excuse for justifying eating that whole tub of Ben&Jerry's finest


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