December 08, 2008

Clothes Show LIIIVE!

Today was an AMAZING day! How my school managed to pass off going to the Clothes Show in the Birmingham NEC as an educational trip I will never know...but, it was amazing. I got some dynamite bargains:

- Three Lady Luck necklaces for £15! Precious little vinyl necklaces in quirky shapes;guaranteed to add a little dynamite to any outfit
- Three Junk Food t-shirts for £15; retro-y t shirts in powdery shades; killer with smudged eyeliner and tousled hair
- I also got a cute Hello Kitty purse (the stitching is disgusting, but who can argue with Ms Kitty?) and a gorgeous sugar lip scrub (when I found out it was edible I almost creamed myself - I get to rub chocolatey sugar on my lips AND lick it off? Heaven on toast)

Asides from all the bargains (it was seriously a bargain hunters' wet dream in there), the fashion show was electrifying. It really reminded me how much I love fashion; the juxtaposition of the upbeat dancers decked out in nu-rave costumes and the stompy, leggy models decked out in couture gowns reminded me that fashion is such a mystery; both incredibly fun and also something to be in awe of.

Fashion for me is a major contradiction - something that is so accessible and yet something to be lusted, dreamt, salivated over. Fashion is everywhere - in your wardrobe, on the street, in the glossy magazines that you used to steal from your mum as a child and the glistening catwalks in Paris and Milan. Fashion is amazing in the fact that whether you're wearing Primark or Prada, you can make it look your own; you can make it yours.

It also inspired me to take some more risks with fashion - I have been playing it waaay too safe lately. So when I'm standing in front of my mirror getting dressed, instead of thinking "Will anyone laugh about this behind my back?" or "Will people think I'm weird if I wear this?", I might just go straight ahead and clash my colours or layer my clothes in some oddball way, wear too many necklaces or wear a summer dress in winter, and I urge you to do the same. Never let your clothes hide you or control you - wear what you want to wear and have fun! Life's too short to let your clothes dictate you

So yeah, an amazing day out for anyone who loves bargains, outfit studying, fashion on any level or free shit - I know that I will be booking my ticket for next year as soon as possible.


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