February 02, 2009

My First Rule Of Thumb

Nothing gets to me more than an adolescent Jodie Foster, twelve year old showgirls and fake moustaches. I admit it; I'm a Bugsy Malone obsessed freak (and yes I do own the special edition "sing-a-long" DVD...)

But seriously, this film is an untapped fashion goldmine! My full respect to the costume designer because those barely teenaged girls seemed to possess more pulled together looks and a ton more femininity than I currently can boast of.

To anyone too lazy to watch it (shame on you!), I'll fill you in on Bugsy Malone Fashion 101.

Bugsy Malone
Bugsy Malone - by Ms M on Polyvore.com

Set in the twenties, the fashion is all about luxury; whether its adorning your dressing table with ornate perfume bottles or splurging out on an envy-inducing compact. Grooming is essential in order to pull this look together so greasy unstyled hair and an un-made up face are big no nos; take time with your makeup in the morning and there is no greater sin than chipped nail polish (did you see Tallulah with chipped nail polish?! No?! Well there you go!) and remember nothing says flapper glamour more than excusing yourself to go powder your nose.

There are no bright, neon nu rave colours in the film so rock out instead with delicate creams, powdered blues, purples, pinks and pillar box red and match the delicate colour scheme with delicate fabrics. Hell to wash, but heaven to wear; chiffon, silks, satins and beaded details should all find ways to your wardrobe. Search vintage shops high and low for some authentic twenties jewelery, or scour the high street for some pendant drop earrings, cocktail rings and pearl necklaces (Topshop are dynamite for retro jewelry with a twist)

Hollywood star wannabe Blousey Brown wouldn't be caught dead without her heels, and neither should you; either work a basic black heel or a fabulously ornate and OTT heel (and perhaps some feet cushion pads for the heel backlash?)

It never hurt anyone to inject a little glamour into their wardrobes; even the most hardened of tomboys could work a little silk lingerie into their look, peeping stealthily out of their battered Levi's


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