March 23, 2009

Nuh Uh, I'm Disco Barbie

Sorry for the absent posting; it seems swollen glands have gotten the better of Ms M as she has been lying in her bed, watching (too much) Ricki Lake and eating (not enough) Kellog's rice krispy bars. I always get run down round about major coursework deadlines, so I was expecting this and I came prepared! I've been feasting on those yummy chewable orange vitamins in the hope that it might shorten my new found germ-breeding abilities by about a day or two. Cross your fingers for me.

No one likes being ill, me especially; I just sit in bed and think about all the other things I could be doing in my days home from school: I could be getting some revision done (yawn), doing my nails, going out shopping whilst there's no competition from other school-going girlies, altering the hemlines on a stack of dresses (damn my shortness!!), making cupcakes, tidying my room, going out to grab a drink from the cute little milkshake place I love, playing "If I had one million pounds to spend" game in Topshop....The list goes on. But instead, I'm stuck in bed. Grr.

So, not to be a grumpy Gus, I decided to think about nice things to make me happy, and I started thinking about all the magazine coverage about Barbie's 50th birthday. Say what you want about her being a negative role model, a fore figure for chauvinist ideals, a stupid blonde bimbo, but I'm crazy about Barbie. Originally created by Ruth Handler to satisfy her daughter's obsession with fashion models (thank you Nylon), Barbie has been the epitome of femininity and girlish kistch. Such a great way of getting girls involved with fashion and style at such a young age, and although let's face is; some of Barbie's outfits were a little tacky, it certainly gave me the inspiration to dress up and dress a little crazy every now and again.

Life In Plastic
Life In Plastic - by Ms M on

So to hell with it, dig out your blue eyeshadow and your brightest pink lipstick, slip on those stiletto heels and pull on that pink tulle tutu. Life's too short to be boring, so come on Barbie:

Let's go party



Twiggy Mod said...

Ahhh i'd love to dress up as barb's just for one day adn drive a pink car with a handome ken-alike!!!

I miss my barbie days so thank you muchos for this post, you made me laugh with rikki lake haha hope your better sweetheart. x

Lisa Fashionista said...

haha I loove Barbie! and I have most definitely dressed up like her on more than one occasion, and I am not ashamed to admit it. lol

Posey said...

Hi Ms.M for the comment! Great blog yourself!

Ondine said...

I had a Sindy....always wanted Barbie though!

drollgirl said...

aw, hope you feel better soon!!!

mina said...

I used to like barbie, until they started making movies about her. Lol, and I just read your about me, and I want to be a journalist too!! =D Btw, I hope you get better soon!!

AudreyAllure said...

i love barbie!
during fashion week, it was barbie mania. lol i was thinking of even going as her this halloween haha

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