March 03, 2009

Come Here Often?

Jinkies, I'm so scary for the slack blogging; I have a ton of coursework in for this Friday and my final piece for textiles is due soon. I have been going slightly crazy, just ask my boyfriend, poor lamb.

But as a sorry present, I have finished my Vogue article, and I would be honoured for your critique (constructive critiscm please, no nasties)

And a big thank you for all your support so far; your comments all make me smile! I have set a goal to try to double my followers, so help out; tell a friend! Ms M lurrrves you all


Smells Like A Nineties Revival

Exams. Complicated relationships. The competitiveness of the job world. The realization that one must have to substitute Agent Provocateur for Asda’s own-brand undies in order to survive on a student budget. It seems to me that being an adult is starting to consist more of being to (somewhat) walk in heels. Sometimes playing grown up is not fun

I guess things were just easier when you were a child. Going out to a restaurant meant picking the biggest, greasiest, cheesiest burger, eating the left over food off of everyone else’s’ plate and generally consuming more additives and artificial colourings than the Health Department’s “Ban List”. And now? It means asking the waitress “May I substitute the chips for a salad?” through clenched teeth and having a boyfriend trying to endlessly convince you that one of ice cream isn’t going to cause you to expand, balloon-like, out of your dress. Relationships were easier too; I’m sure my eight year old self never agonized over finding hidden meanings in texts. No, she was probably busy playing kiss chase in the school playground and slow dancing to Celene Dion at discos.

Heavyweight beauty brand MAC has also come over all nostalgic. They plan to unveil their new range of cosmetics in March, but they haven’t picked just anyone to collaborate with, oh no. Embossed in the powdered blushers and dancing around the lipstick tubes is none other than a certain mischievous, yet well accessorised cat, going by the name of Hello Kitty. I admit I have the release date circled in my diary; just the sight of Ms Kitty emblazoned onto a pot of pink nail polish brought me back to my unashamedly twee childhood days and brought a breath of fresh air into my somewhat stale adult life. It got me thinking too; how else could I find escapism in the 1990’s of my youth?

The nineties saw the rise of a brand new fashion clique; the sixties had mods, the eighties had punks and the nineties? We had grunge. To the untrained eye it simply meant resisting the urge to brush your hair, wash your clothes or wear clothes that fitted, but boy, was it more complicated than that. The irony lied in the fact that it took a lot of effort in order to get an outfit to say: “Yeah, I don’t care about what I wear, I just want to piss my parents off. Everything sucks.”

Granted, greasy hair and torn shorts are somewhat of a faux pas, but with some careful planning, the grunge look is still accessible. For me, the plaid checked shirt especially will always have an air of nonchalant sexuality. Underneath that somewhat masculine exterior, who knows one may find? A faded band t-shirt? A hint of black lingerie? If ever a garment could hold so much mystery, the checked shirt is it.
Grunge may not be the most colourful of all looks, so add interest with textured, ribbed tights, and thigh high socks give any outfit a little attitude. Show a brazen, new carefree attitude to feminism with a pinafore dress; simple, not too fussy and the type of thing you could wear out dancing to Backstreet Boys and vintage Britney Spears till midnight or staying in, Youtube-ing old episodes of Are You Afraid Of The Dark. Fill your I-pod with vintage Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and some Courtney Love (and please feel free to add a little smeared red lipstick now that you’re all grown up)

Most importantly for me, one of my most inspiration, most daring and delightful fashion icons was a spawn of the nineties; an adolescent Melissa Joan Hart in the Nickelodeon’s Clarissa Explains It All. Clarissa wore her clothes inside out. Clarissa wore scrunchies, Clarissa would layer her clothes like no tomorrow. Clarissa wore crop tops with high waisted jeans. Clarissa. Was. Awesome. At nine years old, sitting in front of the TV, Clarissa showed me just how being fearless with fashion can immensely pay off with one kick ass original outfit. It seems taking fashion risks were easier when you were younger, before crippling self-insecurities kicked in, but if we could all revert back to our pre-pubescent mindset then the world of street style would be a much brighter, more interesting place. Why not wear a nightdress with combat boots? Who says that neon eyeliner can’t be worn during the day? If the nineties taught me anything, it was that there are no rules in fashion. And yes, the 90’s were a tad tacky and garish, but it laid the foundation of my fashion identity. I could learn a lot from my eight year old self; and her pink leopard print leggings.

So yeah, let’s never grow up. Ever.

Born In the 90's
Born In the 90's - by Ms M on


Twisted Elegance said...

Oh, your article touched my heart. It's, simply put, perfectly written. I was sad when I finished reading it, wanting to read more. You're an amazing fashion writer.

And you've helped me decide...I am definitely buying my combat boots now. I was skeptical before...not anymore. I miss my 8 yr old self and I'm bringing her back.

Twiggy Mod said...

We shall never.... lycra cycling shorts live on! xxx

Canadian Girl said...

I concur, lets just not grow up. who cares.
Im gonna go dig out my hair crimper and my sparkly pink corduroys, and wear a side pony with glitter on my cheeks.

Miss Yaya said...

very cute article - hit the memory lane =]