February 10, 2009

Woo Britannia!

I am knackered. Completely, utterly and insanely knackered. I don't do sleeping on planes (I'm a self confessed sleep-drooler, public sleeping = definite no no) so I am suffering from the inevitable holiday fatigue.

Milan! - by Ms M on Polyvore.com

Milan was not all I thought it was going to be. A little bit grotty, a little bit dirty and definitely not as vibrant as my beloved London; for a supposed fashion capital of the world the people sure played it safe, fashion wise! I was expected a little more luxury, a little more creative; oh well, I'll just blame the rain!

Being the hardcore fashion mistress that I am, a stroll around the Milan boutiques was a must, and it truly was heaven on toast though; some people say it's torture to riffle through clothes that you will probably never be able to afford but its an aspiration for me, a goal, if you will... And couture is so pretty! Chanel was definitely the most significant shop for me, because I am a die hard Coco fan (complete and utter legend)and Dior was amazing (I saw a flash of red gingham there, an up coming summer trend perhaps?) I was actually surprised at how friendly the shop assistants were, none of them scowled at a young (slightly tatty) 18 year old girl wandering the rails with no obvious method of payment. There were very friendly and made me fall just that little bit more in love with high fashion.

Obviously I didn't come home with a new Chanel handbag or Versace ball gown, but Ms M's funds did manage to stretch to... a little Agent Provocateur lingerie. That's right, Ms M...is now an AP girl! I swear to god, I was practically trembling when the shop assistant handed over the shiny pink paper bag to me, is that a little strange?! But I am the biggest Agent Provocateur fan and to be able to own one of their pieces, to be able to put it on and call myself and AP girl; a dream come true. I love Agent Provocateur for many, many a reason, the main of which is the fact that they make it okay to be sexy; it has the message that it's not about fulfilling a man's fantasy but your own. It's about the fantasy, turning sex into a performance and offering escapism into this glamorous world where you are the headline star. Every girl deserves to feel like a burlesque sex pot at one point in her life.

Another amazing highlight was going to see Da Vinci's Last Supper. It. Was. HUGE! A mural covering a whole wall, it was breath-takingly intricate. I was actually pretty emotional at the thought of being so connected with such an iconic item of history; I was looking at something that was once touched by Mr Leonardo himself. Call me a nerd, but don't you think that's just a little bit amazing?!

The greatest thing about holidays though is coming home and realising how much you missed it. England, I do love you so.

And unfortunetly, because Ms M is known for her clumsiness, she was not trusted with a digital camera so had to make do with disposable ones :(

Will try to scan the photos in once they're developed!

And yeah,and in Italian Vogue, Daisy Lowe spread galooore; Gracias!



rio tapatio said...

You are lucky to have had the chance to jet to Milan like that!
I wish i had the chance over here in the US.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

I was just in Milan, too. I totally agree that it was not a glamorous city (outside of the shops), which was actually kind of neat.

However, it was very, very cold.

I did manage to get away with some neat boots, though :)